About Magdalena Ball

Magdalena Ball was born in New York City, where she grew up. After gaining an honours degree in English Literature from the City University of New York (CCNY), she moved to  Oxford to study English Literature at a postgraduate level. After a brief return to the US, she then migrated to NSW Australia, where she now resides on a rural property with family. While in Australia she received a Masters degree in Business from Charles Sturt University and a Graduate Marketing degree from the University of Newcastle. Magdalena runs the respected review site Compulsive Reader.  Her short stories, editorials, poetry, reviews and articles have appeared in a wide number of printed anthologies and journals, and have won local and international awards for poetry and fiction. She is the author of the poetry books Bobish, The Density of Compact BoneUnreliable Narratives, High Wire Step, Unmaking Atoms, Repulsion Thrust, and Quark Soup, the novels Black Cow and Sleep Before Evening, and, in collaboration with Carolyn Howard-Johnson, the Celebration Series poetry books Sublime PlanetDeeper Into the Pond, Blooming Red, Cherished Pulse, She Wore Emerald Then, and Imagining the Future. She also runs a radio show, Compulsive Reader Talks.  In addition to her writing, Magdalena is a Sustainability manager for a multinational company, and regardless of what she’s doing, will usually be found with a book or two in one form or another.

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