Quark Soup

PictureQuark Soup
by Magdalena Ball
Published by Picaro Press

Quark Soup contains twenty eight poems which muse on topics like what it means to be human, love, loss, fear, longing, and transcendence.

“…interesting, revealing, full of wonderful imagery and thought provoking.” ~Warren Thurston

Available from Picaro Press

A few reviews

“Quark Soup is a cryptic collection of alluring poetry that provides fodder for deep introspection, while personifying planets and attributing humans with celestial properties. The subjects of childbirth and supernovas are cleverly interwoven, often cloaking the author’s intent. In great mystery, cosmic wonders flow within love and relationships, titillating the reader’s imagination.” Aaron Paul Lazar

“I am constantly amazed and fascinated by how Magdalena can take something as [to me] unpoetic as science and make it into a poetry that verges on the mystic rites of some long lost cult!” JR McRae

Quark Soup uses as its inspiration the collection of all parts of the universe to give its readers a new look at the meaning of life. From the big bang that stretches across the eons to infinity, this book of poems entertains by its thought provoking lines. Each of the poems mixes the physical elements of the science of astronomy with the metaphysical aspects of the human mind…I found the book interesting, revealing, full of wonderful imagery and thought provoking. It is a fine collection of poems that will leave the reader wanting to go through them again and again. This is a must read for those who enjoy the challenge of allowing their minds to grapple with a new way of seeing things. Magdalena Ball has indeed created a true work of art, one that awakens the curiosity of where we came from within us all.” Warren Thurston