New poems at Plumwood Mountain

I love Plumwood Mountain and am so pleased to have 2 poems included in their stellar “Plant Poetics” issue. About the issue John Paul Ryan writes (in his editorial): “I am intrigued by the range of techniques and strategies adopted by contributors. Several poems invert the human-plant hierarchy with which Western societies have become so comfortable by narrating from a vegetal perspective. Such a deceptively simple move in fact constitutes a powerful means for reimagining relations between plants and people in an era of ecological collapse.”  Of one of my poems, “Signals in the Wild”, Ryan says: An unresolved longing for a common language characterises Magdalena Ball’s ‘Signals in the Wild’. However, it is inevitably the human tongue that is deficient in ‘the ability to detect / volatile compounds in the air’. Ball’s poem provokes us to rethink polylingualism in terms of the languages of plants expressed organically through electrical signals, volatiles, ‘heavy metals / pathogens, gravity, heat’. These poems and others indeed coincide with emerging scientific conceptions and therefore encourage a rapprochement between ways of knowing plants. Check out the issue here: My other poem, titled “not all invasions” can be found here:

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