LEGERE Pitt Street Poetry

I am excited to be the first non-Pitt Street Poetry poet to be invited to read for the LEGERE video poetry festival. PSP books are gorgeous (I hope one day to rectify the ‘non’ bit) and the readings have been a delight to watch and listen to. LEGERE is the Latin verb ‘to read’ (PSP likes their Latin!) and it also means light in French. Poets are asked to read one poem of their own and one poem that they love from another poet. For my other poet I chose Dorothy Porter (who else) and read the poem “Everything Becomes Mysterious” from my favourite DP book Other Worlds:

For my own poem, I read “Double Acorn” from High Wire Step: 

You can check out all of the LEGERE readings here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtSvjO3cM8XvelGYDR7ONQ

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